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About Reg

Cartoonist, Writer, Artist?
Reg Lynch - Right

Reg Lynch

With host Mike Bowers (left) on ABCTV\’s Talking Pictures

Who is Reg Lynch?

Over nearly thirty, Sydney-based years, Reg Lynch regularly illustrated, cartooned, wrote bits and occasionally designed for a broad variety of publications. There were also several longer, permanent casual stints at the SMH, The Independent Monthly, The Bulletin.

Reg has a weekly cartoon spot in The Sun-Herald accompanying Peter FitzSimon’s column and Reg himself appears on ABC TV’s Insiders as a regular guest on the ‘Talking Pictures’ segment. He is also an occasional curator and once were lecturer. He can sing and wicketkeep. Reg is currently living in the north-west of Tasmania.

Interview of Reg Lynch

A Film by Ralph Stevenson.

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