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— written & drawn by Reg Lynch


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A pulp/ noir/ action/ detective magazine inspired illustrated mystery novel (with a touch of the legend of The Phantom) in FIVE pocket-sized, soft-cover episodes. Created in north west Tasmania by the somewhat renowned Australian cartoonist.


 Jim Falk had met a lot of nasty people since that business in the jungle eight / nine years ago. Mercenaries, megalomaniacs, murderers. He thought he was safe now – living under the radar in Plover, a small town on Tasmania’s north west coast.

Then a vicious attack close to home has Jim opening a cold-case file on himself. His investigation propels him through a crazy, dangerous wormhole back to New York City. Back to Chinatown. Back to the jungle. Back to his very essence.

The Malicious Egg is a wry, yet compelling mystery story of cruelty, violence, love, duty, myths, madness, hats and some seriously unresolved family issues.

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Available Soon!


Available soon!


Also by Reg Lynch JIM OF A PARTICULAR PART OF THE JUNGLE Jim Falk\’s first illustrated adventure. Available now for purchase as an ebook through Xoum Publishing.